While driving across the sun-bleached landscape of central Utah, we, gaffer John Reynolds and key grip Lee Donaldson,
decided it was time to purchase a camera to compliment our grip and lighting gear. With a combined 27 years of
experience, we each knew our way around a camera. It was time to have a camera of our own.
The Red one camera seemed the obvious choice. the REDS simplicity, its ability to take PL mount lenses,
the depth of field of 35mm, the 4K Raw format, its high speed functions were just some reasons we chose
this camera. The Red was the camera that would grant us the caliber of images we demanded.
For a test run we took the camera out to Yellowstone National Park. Running it through
its paces. we shot waterfalls, wildlife and thermals. We had a blast with the variable
speeds, up to 120 fps, the time-lapse features and the stunning images this camera produces.  
We loved the ease with which the RED raw clips could be adjusted in post: changing the
ISO, the saturation, colors, contrast, etc, could all be done with no loss to the
integrity in the image.
With the RED evoling we are excited to now have the new Mysterium X Sensor.
It touts a ISO rating of 800 with a 13.5 stop latitude. We are also on the list
to be an early recipient of REDS new camera the EPIC.
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client’s needs. Whether it be photography, lighting, grip or crews in
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